Finding Your “Why” – What I Learned from a Football Coach

I have never understood sports and especially NOT FOOTBALL.  I have never been a fan other than to enjoy the awesome experience of being at a live sporting event with all the food, beer and commotion.  I spent many years in a corporate environment surrounded mostly by men.  Their communication methods often involved sports analogies.  Team colors and banners decorated people’s offices.  There were football pools and discussions about rivalries and results.  I didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand me.

Working with Benedictine University’s Head Football Coach, Josiah Sears, his coaches and players changed the way I see the world of sports and especially FOOTBALL.  I see now that playing, coaching and watching football can help men express their biological need to be a WARRIOR in a way that I never previously understood.  I now understand the close and permanent bonding that comes from participating in a common and difficult experience, working together toward a common goal and caring for and supporting each other.  I also now see how this program builds men to function in the world in many more ways than just on the field during the season at hand.  It teaches them to be part of something bigger than themselves, to think and care about others, to believe they are capable of doing great things and to be grateful for the awesome gift that life truly is.  I FINALLY GET IT!

Thanks to Coach Sears for sharing his world with such enthusiasm, caring, belief and gratitude.  It opened my eyes – WIDE.  This program is really special, as it focuses on building the players and a team, but on building men of character and excellence as a key part of the equation.  Putting this video together to demonstrate this very special man and his great program was an AWESOME experience!