Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day isn’t until next month but I want to offer my services to those who still have their mothers so I’m thinking, talking and writing about my own mother who is still very much alive.

As with myself, my mother has been a mother her entire adult life and she has been doing it for 63 years now.  She approached it, as we all do, in her own way.  My dad’s job was to “bring home the bacon” and to fix whatever was broken.  My mom’s job was to figure out how to make the bacon last until the next payday, to have and take care of the kids.  Over the course of 17 years, there were 6 of us who entered this world as her child, with me being the second child and only girl.

Mom made sure there was food on the table.  In some ways, this was very literal.  There was (and still is) always a bowl of carrot and celery sticks on her kitchen table.  We would fill up on those before reaching for the cookie jar, which often contained home made cookies.  Dinner was at the same time every night and we kids were expected to be there with the exception of authorized activities.  There was always enough to eat and usually something left over (which was never, ever wasted.)  I didn’t appreciate the careful choices at the grocery store and in meal prep until much, much later.  She also made sure we had something to wear.  For me, this meant clothes that she made.  Being the only girl, I didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs like my brothers did but always longed for “store bought” clothes.  I didn’t appreciate the many hours she spent feeling the fabric, comparing prices and laboring over the sewing machine so that I had something affordable and decent to wear to school.  She always put herself last but never complained about her life even though she had the thankless job of making ends meet and caring for so many kids.  She never said so but we all knew she loved us with every ounce of her being.  I didn’t appreciate that until I became a mother myself.  I do honor her and appreciate her now.   I am so blessed to have her as my mother and appreciate that she allowed me to capture her stories on video.  Although she won’t be around forever, her sense of playful enjoyment of life and love of her family will be there for mine and future generations to enjoy.

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